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Bloody Buddy - Spring Hike 

Saturday April 8, 2023

Bald Mountain State Park 
@ 11am

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Bloody Buddy - Spring Hike  

Happy Spring!

Join us for a relaxed dog friendly hike at Bald Mountain State Park.  Post Hike we will celebrate spring with a Bloody Marys* with our friends (new and old).

* I researched the plural form of bloody mary and both bloody marys and bloody maries are acceptable; I opted for the former.



  • 11am at Bald Mountain State Park

  • We are doing the North Unit – just off of Adams Road in Rochester Hills

  • See map; we will park at the lot on Harmon road

  • Dog Friendly

  • We will do a relaxed 3.6-mile hike and post hike will enjoy some Bloody Marys 

  • BOYB

    • Bring your own drink and/or Vodka and mix.

    • Also bring a Bloody Mary accoutrement (e.g. olives, cheese, sausage stick) to share with the group; goal is to have an amazing Bloody Mary bar for all to share.


Sign Up Now!

While RSVP isn't required - let us know if you are coming using the sign-up feature:

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