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Best Day Ever! 

We are a community of adventures and these are our stories - join the conversation. 

What is Your Best Day Ever?

  --- The Genesis of the Question ---

I am grateful.  It’s now been several years since my dad passed away after his second battle with cancer and I am grateful. 


My dad was my best friend and it absolutely sucks that he is not here – but I remain so incredibly grateful.


Grateful for the 34 years of adventures that we had together and grateful that I asked him one simple question as the sun was beginning to set on his physical time with me in this world.

 --- The Question ---

​What was Your Best Day Ever, excluding the birth of a child or your wedding day?


I randomly asked this question as my extended family was relaxing in the living room around a dwindling fire after a delicious family dinner.   In this casual setting, we slowly moved around the room to hear each persons’ story.  Some were familiar tales while others were a surprise and I am so grateful to have heard my father’s story.


This site serves as the compilation of all of the collective stories of family members and old and new friends. 


So – Let the Stories Begin.

Our Stories




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