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Big Dreams 

We are a community of adventures and these are our stories - join the conversation. 

2024 Short Story Challenge 

I am a firm believer in the power of Dreaming Big Dreams. 

During a recent epic trip with friends and my family, a question was posed during a dinner conversation: If you could pursue any career in the world, with no financial constraints nor educational barriers, what would you choose to be?

One friend declared their desire to be a writer.  Later in the night I pondered, what does it take to be "a writer" and concluded that:  

Dreamers dream, 
Singers sing, and 
Writers write.

With a focus on writing and the dream of being a writer, we conceived a short story challenge, with individuals from all over the world crafting short stories that all stem from a similar beginning. The ensuing narratives, tales, and legends will undoubtedly take unique and fascinating paths and I can’t wait to read them.

The goal is to showcase all the stories online, with a selected number being published as a printed compilation.

My simple request - share this with five (5) people in your life that are dreamers, aspiring writers or avid readers.   

Short Story Challenge - Rules 

Some simple rules for our Short Story Challenge:

  1. Beginning: Utilize the same beginning, with each short story starting with either:
    a.    Including the word “Paris” and the phrase “tous à bord” on the first page or
    Leveraging all or part of the first three paragraph prompt available below.

  2. Length: Craft a story between 5 and 25 pages, based on "novel size" formatting (page size 6.13 x 9.25 inches) - see formatted document below. 

  3. Format: Submit your entry via Microsoft Word, submissions can be emailed to and must included the signed submission form (see below). 

  4. Due Date: all stories need to be submitted by September 1, 2024.

  5. Consent: By submitting your story, you consent to its publication and sharing in both printed and electronic forms.

  6. Revenue Sharing: in the off chance that this takes off and generates profit; for the stories chosen for the printed compilation, each contributing author and the editor will receive a share of any profits.

Let the stories commence — and always remember, dreamers dream, singers sing, and writers write.

Short Story Documents

 I love the concept of starting with the same phrase (or prompt) and seeing how our stories and literay adventures diverage...a romance novella, space odessay, historical fiction - the world is your oyster.

We can't wait to reard YOUR Story! Below are links to a Word version of the beginning section for Short Story Challenge and the required Submission Form. 

Short Story - Prompt (if elected) 

Below is the three-paragraph starting point for each short story.  I love the concept of starting at the same spot and seeing how our stories and literay adventures diverage...a romance novella, space odessay, historical fiction - the world is your oyster.

The Parisians never seem to run; instead, they walk briskly, heads held high. Trying and failing to emulate the confident ease of the woman in front of me, I hurry towards the station across the cobblestone streets of France. 


It is the         [Season; fall, winter, spring, summer]       of      [year]    , and the station buzzes with  ___[emotion /feeling]____. Boarding the train, the conductor tweets his whistle and announces, “tous à bord.” Unbeknownst to me at the time, today marks the beginning of an adventure that would reverberate across the world.

As the train jolts forward, I settle into a window seat and watch the world passing by. Glancing around the compartment, I find an eclectic mix of passengers – from impeccably dressed businessmen engrossed in the daily news to artists with paint-stained smocks and dreamy expressions.

View of the Eiffel Tower

Submitted Stories 

Click to read the submissions for the 2024 Short Story Challenge.

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