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Image by Markus Spiske

Spring Biking 

Saturday April 22, 2023

@ Stony Creek Metro Park - 2pm

Family Spring Bike Ride

I love biking with friends and my favorite drink is a proper Gin & Tonic.  As a general rule, I only drink a G&T when it is 60 degrees and above.  Hoping that the weather cooperates and we can do both!


Join use for a family bike ride (and a post-ride cocktail BYOB) at Stony Creek Metro Park on Saturday April 22nd.     


We will meet at the playground at Eastwood Beach at 2pm.  The adults will bask in the sun and have a cocktail (bring your own supplies) while the kids play at the playground.  Then we will bike the 6.1 mile loop around the lake.


Sign Up Now!

While RSVP isn't required - let us know if you are coming using the sign-up feature:

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